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The song ‘The Other Side’, performed by Tim Reid and Emma Heeney, was written especially for the book.

Further down you’ll find a guitar tutorial so you can learn some of the basic chords and strumming techniques. The lyrics and guitar chords are in the back of the book.

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Learn to play The Other Side, with Tim Reid

Tim Reid, singer-songwriter

Tim Reid wrote the music and lyrics for ‘The Other Side’, and performs it with fellow Melbourne singer-songwriter Emma Heeney.

Listen to a sample of Tim’s album, Any Given Day. Try World That’s Made For Two.

Find Tim’s music at Bandcamp.com

Tim Reid - Any Given Day
Emma Heeney - After the Fireworks

Emma Heeney, singer

Emma is a Melbourne-based musician who sings the duet ‘The Other Side’ with Tim Reid.

To listen to more of Emma Heeney’s music, try Virtual Friend for starters. This is the first single on her album After the Fireworks.

Read more about her at Emma’s website.

How did Tim start out?

Before The Voice, The X-Factor and Australia’s Got Talent, there was Star Struck, hosted by Jay Laga-aia. Here’s Tim’s live performance of his song ‘World That’s Made For Two’, performed on Star Struck in 2001, followed by the judges’ decision.

More on Emma from Triple J Unearthed

“Emma Heeney, previously of indie-folk duo Gorgeous, is a Melbourne based musician.

Gorgeous released two albums and three EPs in five years; played at Livid, Woodford and 4ZZZ’s Market Day; shared the stage with Damien Rice, Clare Bowditch, Frente, The Whitlams and The Waifs; and enjoyed lots of Triple J play for songs such as Whenever It Rains, Air Balloon and DoDoDo Song as well as appearing on Channel 7 (Girl TV) and Channel 9 (Hot Source). The pair also featured on the first ‘Like a Version’ Triple J Compilation with their cover of ‘Little Suicides’ (Golden Palominos).

After Gorgeous called it a day, Emma released her debut solo album, 2006’s ‘Dreaming of Bridges’, which included guest musicians such as Angie Hart (Frente), Wally De-Backer (Gotye) and Pete Luscombe (Paul Kelly / Rockwiz) and received accolades among the Australian music scene.

In August 2014, Heeney released her sophomore album entitled ‘After The Fireworks’. Nearly two years in the making, ‘After The Fireworks’, was produced by Greg J. Walker (Paul Kelly, C.W. Stoneking, Clare Bowditch, Machine Translations) and includes appearances by Sophie Koh, Pete Cohen (Sodastream) and Greg J. Walker amongst others.

A darker and more sophisticated collection of songs, ‘After The Fireworks’ is a step away from the light-pop of ‘Dreaming of Bridges’. Heeney is truly in her element on this recording with well thought arrangements underpinning her wistful tone, and there is no doubt this is her finest work to date.

‘After The Fireworks’ is OUT NOW through MGM.”